Following the resignation of a member of Council who was not due to stand for election for the coming term, the number of vacancies on Council is now equal to the number of nominations submitted by the closing date.

By virtue of the provisions in Paragraph 6.15 of the Constitution, as the candidates for election to Council for the term 2019-2021 no longer exceeds the vacancies available, there is no longer a requirement for the membership to vote on the declared candidates. I would therefore like to advise members that the election is cancelled and ballot papers no longer need to be submitted.

In regard to the 8 candidates circulated, subject to a vote by Council, they will be deemed elected for the forthcoming term. Confirmation of the appointed Council members will be published following that process and they will be introduced to members at the Annual General Meeting on 31st May.
Ballot papers already submitted will be retained in accordance with Procedure 3.7.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those members who have voted to date for their participation in this process.

Anthony (Tony) Slate TIExpE
Returning Officer
Legal & Compliance

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