Explosives E&R Trust

The Trust was formed in 1982 to advance the theoretical and practical education and training of persons engaged in the explosives engineering industry by the provision of training courses and the publication of technical, educational and informative material and the financing of research and the provision of scholarships to assist with courses of study in the field of explosives engineering.


To increase the number of people entering the explosives industry by investing in people who are in their early careers, together with assisting with the career progression and development of those already working within the industry from all sectors.

Its objectives are to:

  • Provide bursaries to students entering education and research programmes.
  • Award prizes to students who achieve excellence in their courses.
  • Provide financial support to students presenting papers at approved conferences.
  • Provide financial support to students attending approved conferences.
  • Raise the profile of the Trust.
  • Increase the numbers of people joining the IExpE.