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Guidance for Referees

Applicants are requested to nominate two referees to support their application. References are required to validate an applicants identity and also to establish that the level of membership applied for is relevant, based on education, experience, training and ultimately competencies within the appropriate field of employment or activity.

A referee should be a person who is known to the applicant and who is able to confirm the applicant’s hands on work, education, and competencies. It is preferred that one of the two nominated referees is a current IExpE member at the same or higher membership grade as that applied for.

References are used to establish the suitability of applicants for the grade of membership applied for, to uphold the standards laid down by the Board, to maintain a continuity of appraisal and also to ensure that should professional audits be carried out by independent assessors, the Institute is seen to take all applicable steps to ensure that due diligence has been carried out. Finally this also protects existing members by confirming suitability of new

Requirements are:


It is preferred if one referee is a current IExpE member at the same membership grade or above that which is being applied for. Where this is not feasible or possible due to geographical location or employment, a suitable interview can be arranged with the applicant if needed.

The time period, and in what capacity the applicant is known to the referee must be clearly stated.

Referees must be able to confirm knowledge of applicants ‘hands on’ experience with the use of explosives, including dates, circumstances and job roles and responsibilities.

Detailed information must be provided regarding specific examples of the applicant’s qualifications and competencies required for work undertaken.

Referees should provide information about the applicant based only on their direct knowledge of them.

Referees must be independent. References will not be accepted if provided by a spouse or relative of the applicant.

Referees must state their full current job title and length of time in post.

References may be submitted by email and should be a minimum of 100 words.

Where referees are from the same employer, no more than one reference shall be accepted from colleagues in organisations who are not members.

References that do not satisfy all requirements will be rejected causing delays to be incurred with the processing of membership applications.

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