Membership offers Opportunity, Support & Advice and invaluable, up to the minute information about the Explosives Industry

An Overview

  • Opportunities to broaden your experience and advance your career
  • A Forum to discuss your work and find the best support and advice from fellow professionals
  • An information service, keeping you up to date with industry news, developments and events in your professional field and in related disciplines
  • Access to an extensive Online Information & Resources Library

Refer A Friend

The Institute of Explosives Engineers would like to welcome our New Refer a Friend Scheme. If you Refer a Friend to sign up to our memberships, both you and your friend will receive a £20 vouchers to spend on merchandise*

*once membership is approved

How To Refer A Friend

You can refer a friend by emailing with who would like to refer as a member by proving us with their full name and email address and we will then send you a referral link for them to fill out the application.

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