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CPD Policy

All professional engineering institutions require their professional registrants to undertake CPD and IExpE is no exception. The Institute of Explosives Engineers expects our professional registrants to undertake 30 hours CPD per year and strongly recommends that all other members do the same.

The essential test for the member is whether or not you have gained new or enhanced knowledge and/or skills from the CPD experience.

Members should aim to undertake a minimum of 30 hours CPD per year, which could be split as follows:

AreaNumber of Hours
Personal technical knowledge/skillsTen hours
Job role technical knowledge/skillsTen hours
Personal soft skillsTen hours
Number of HoursExample
Planned CPDAt least 10 hoursTraining courses, seminars, targeted academic or self-study or work experience opportunities such as secondments;
Unplanned CPDRemaining balance (up to 20 hours)Ad-hoc opportunities and less structured activities, such as attending events and exhibitions, self-study, attendance at technical or professional meetings, etc.

Recording CPD

Candidates applying for registration through all routes are required to show evidence that they have taken steps to ensure their competence is developed and maintained. They must also show that they intend to continue with this program of recorded professional development.

CPD must be recorded and your evidence can be kept in any reasonable form, including conventional pen and paper records. However, an on-line system helps organise the record and assists applicants in realising the ongoing commitment to CPD that is required to maintain their registration.


IExpE pays an annual licence fee for use of the Engineering Council’s MyCareerPath CPD software. It can be used at any stage in your career and is not solely for the use of candidates for professional registration, i.e. it can be used by any member as a record of your CPD plans and activities. The software is configured such that it can be used on any platform, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Once you have registered you can use the software to create your CPD plan, record your CPD, upload documents to support your record and send evidence records for review by others.


Sampling CPD Records

It is EC policy that all PEI will have a sampling system in place by January 2017 in order to demonstrate registrants’ commitment and compliance with the tenets of registration. IExpE will sample a percentage of registrants’ CPD records annually from Jan 2016 in line with ECC and SEE policies.