Role Profiles

The Sector Skills Strategy Group – Expert Working Groups are developing generic role profiles for typical jobs/activities. These generic role profiles are intended to provide you with a starting point when developing your own job specifications for your organisation. Role Profiles are role profiles are aligned with the National Occupational Standards (NOS) relevant to working in explosives, munitions and search occupations.

Please note that these profiles are not mandated, they are provided for information only although they do incorporate sufficient detail to be able to specify training and qualification in terms of NOS.

The role profiles that have been released for publication are:

Explosives Disposal Processes:

·    Disposal Manager
·    Disposal Supervisor
·    Disposal Operator
·    Disposal Technical Authority (TA)

Test, Trials and Evaluation in laboratories and on ranges:

·    Test, Trials and Evaluation Supervisor
.    Test, Trials and Evaluation Manager

Explosives Safety Management:

·    Explosives Safety Management – Manager
.    Explosives Safety Management – Supervisor

Typical Career Roles:

.   Safety Adviser

.   Work Controller

.   Practitioner Team Member

.   Conducting Officer

Explosive Ordnance Disposal:

.   Explosives Ordnance Clearance Engineer