Professional Registration for Members

Professional Registration is your personal benchmark of commitment to a professional approach to working with explosives. To quote from the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC:

Professional registration underpins the systems and processes that ensure the current and future safeguarding of society. It provides employers, government and society, in the UK and overseas, with the confidence that professionally registered engineers and technicians possess and maintain the knowledge, skills and commitment required to meet the engineering and technological needs of today, whilst also catering for the needs of future generations.

Registration sets individual professionals apart from engineers and technicians who are not registered. It establishes their proven knowledge, understanding and competence. In particular, registration demonstrates a commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing competence.

The Institute of Explosives Engineers is a Licenced Member of the Engineering Council and can register our own engineers for:

Chartership (CEng)

Incorporation (IEng)

Engineering Technician (Eng Tech)

The journey towards professional registration begins with understanding the routes available and the standards against which you will be measured. The routes are explained further in Professional Registration Explained.

You can start your application by calling or emailing the IExpE Office – +441785 594136 or Contact us

Personal professional development is an essential part of any professional’s work life and is a key part of any professional registration application. For professional registration, there are two styles of professional development – 1) Initial Professional Development (IPD) which is directly related to registration and undertaken beforehand, and 2) Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which can be undertaken at any time in the explosive engineer’s career.
You should look here for IExpE policy on CPD

To assist members with recording and reporting their CPD, the Institute has a multi-use licence for the Engineering Council’s CPD recording application, which is available free of charge to members – look here for the IExpE version of mycareerpath. After joining IExpE, you may proceed with professional registration immediately, but should initially have prepared a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) record in some organised form such as the online application mycareerpath.You don’t have to undertake this journey alone – the Institute has a national network of mentors that can assist IExpE members seeking registration.

You don’t have to undertake this journey alone – the Institute has a national network of mentors that can assist IExpE members seeking registration.

Through this network we pair our candidates with experienced explosive engineers who stand ready to advise during your journey to professional registration. The Institute is also has a number of suitably qualified assessors who represent the Institute directly in the Professional Review Interviews that ultimately decide on candidate registration. Your mentor will assist with your on-going application, and provide support through the process of initial and continued professional development