Further to our recent circulation on the papers adjourned to the for the December UN Meetings. Having reviewed the papers, Legal and compliance would like to draw to the attention of the below listed papers. Members who are manufacturing explosives and explosives articles or who are required to label such under GHS are strongly advised to review the content of the papers:


ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2020/20-ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2020/5 – (Sweden) A new Chapter 2.1 for the GHS;

ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2020/22-ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2020/7 – (Sweden) Amendments to the Manual of Tests and Criteria to accommodate the new GHS Chapter 2.1 – in principle; and

ST/SG/AC.10/C.3/2020/23-ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2020/8 – (Sweden) Allocation of precautionary statements for the new Chapter 2.1

These can be found at http://www.unece.org/trans/main/dgdb/dgsubc3/c32020.html


Any member comments received by the 30th of September 2020 will be collated and forwarded to the relevant UK authorities. Alternatively, members can forward any comments directly to dangerousgoods@dft.gov.uk but the Legal and Compliance team at the Institute would appreciate being copied into any comments or representations such that we can better represent members interests.