Weapons Operating Centre

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Weapons Operating Centre


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International Guns, Missiles and Rockets (IGMR) is a through-life Project Team (PT) procuring and supporting a range of weapons for the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. The PT is accountable to the Chief of Defence Materiel and is clustered within the Director Weapons Operating Centre as part of Defence Equipment and Support. The PT is organised into four Output Groups; Air; Anti-Tank Guided Weapons; Maritime Gunnery Systems and Freefall Weapons, along with Business Management, Commercial and Finance Groups. The team manages around 30 projects (as well as a number of UORs) spanning Concept to Disposal, the majority of which are in active use on current operations. IGMR annual spend approximately £200m and the team is responsible for some £1.4bn worth of stock. The Land group manages a range of Infantry man-portable weapons, including essential Op Herrick capabilities such as the Javelin missile, Anti-Structures Munition (ASM), 66mm HEAT rocket and EXACTOR. The Maritime Gunnery Systems group manages all gun systems in the Navy from GPMG mounting systems up to the 4.5” main gun on the front of frigates and destroyers.

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