As we form our new professional affiliation, one of the major changes to how applications are processed is that our own pool of assessors will be involved in all stages of the assessment, from the initial review whereby the appropriate grade and route to registration is decided and suggested to the candidate, through to the final report of the Professional Registration Interview and its recommendations.

Members will understand that the commitment to conducting these activities is quite significant and therefore, I am seeking more mentors and assessors to enable us to run the necessary application screening and feedback, support to the office and applicants, registration interviews, auditing of CPD records and other matters that we are becoming aware of as we progress.

Applicants and potential applicants should be aware that this additional commitment from our assessors means that the onus for preparation of applications remains firmly with the applicant, their sponsor, seconder, and mentor. The service that has been provided over the past two years, whereby one or two assessors provide an informal ‘quick-look’ at the application, can no longer be provided as it requires considerable time on the part of the limited number of assessors we have and, in the worst case, could place an assessor in a position of conflict of interest.

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