EUExcert’s  aim is to reduce the numbers of accidents in the explosives business.

In many European countries a high proportion of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the explosives sector are nearing retirement. As a consequence it is important to replenish the expertise in this key technological area. EUExcert plans to establish a firm stable framework for vocational education of people in the sector.

Training and education institutions as well as social partners will have a tool for competence and career planning. New training methods will be developed.

What is Involved?

  • Mapping competency needs for the explosives industry for the European market.
  • Developing a competency framework that can be developed into a European standard.
  • Disseminating results from the project to international stakeholders and the explosives sector.
  • Developing strong links between partners so that competence gained in one partner nation is recognised across national borders.
  • Developing a certification system to enhance/enable transnational mobility of explosives workers.

The UK has National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Explosive Substances and Articles and an Industry Awarding Organisation (LINK) within the meaning of the Qualification Credit Framework stipulated by OFQUAL. Many training providers have mapped their training against the NOS in QCF form and some courses are also endorsed as providing the successful student with evidence of competence against IExpE membership criteria.

EUExNet was part funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme and the project created a transnational European network and cluster to serve the explosives sector. This web-based network is known as the EUExcert Association and links the National Nodes of each of the partner nations.

How is the Institute involved?

IExpE is the UK National Node for the EUExcert Association and maintains a very strong link with the board of EUExcert UK, the UK’s consultative group. The Standards Setting Body (SSB) formed the initial membership of EUExcert UK but this is open to legitimate bodies from across the UK explosives sector.

Inquiries are invited from any organisation with an interest in improving safety in the explosives sector through the development of explosives workers’ competence.

EUExcert Association

The EUExcert Association is a network of partners from the European explosives sector which has the aims of:

  • Striving to develop safe working conditions based on an employable and skilled work force
  • Promoting and managing exchange programmes for specialists and students in the Explosives sector
  • Promoting cooperation for transnational education and training in the Explosives sector
  • Owning the rights to the EUExcert certificate and delegate authority to the nations awarding bodies
  • Promoting and maintaining EUExNet, the European network of Explosives experts
  • Managing and updating a glossary on terminology for the Explosives sector
  • Supporting the European Commission and national regulators with expert advice
  • Promoting and licensing the EUExcert trademark
  • Striving to include all European nations in the EUExcert legal association
  • Striving to strengthen the competitiveness of the European explosives sector
  • Searching for international cooperation