EOD in US Waters

Does anybody know the regulations for UXO disposal in US waters as a commercial company?

In particular:

  • Qualifications of individuals
  • Regulatory authorities/permissions
  • Bubble curtains
  • Do the US military get involved?

Any information will be gratefully received.

4 answers

  1. Answered by Mark Weathrrbe

    The military in involved in this activity within the confines of US waters. I am not certain that others can not be involved, depending on licenses rather than qualifications. My first stop would be either the DOD or the Federal Beureau of Mines, depending on what you wish to tender for.

  2. Answered by Andy Oppenheimer

    Suggest you contact a colleague of mine John D. Howell and mention my name please –
    John Howell
    cheers, Andy Oppenheimer

  3. Answered by dave denman

    might be worth ringing Vicky Phillips at the marine UXO team of RPS as she has a lot of knowledge on the off shore reg around the world

  4. Answered by Thomas Burky

    Gents currently operating on the US West coast may be able to assist:
    Tony Rodgers, Orca Maritime, + 1 619 628 0041, +1 619 865 1760, arodgers@orcamaritime.com


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