Insensitive Munitions & Engergetic Materials Technology Symposium

Innovative IM&EM Solutions for Safer Operations in More Demanding Environments. The Insensitive Munitions European Manufacturers Group (IMEMG), the US National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and the Munitions Safety Information and Analysis Center (MSIAC), are sponsoring a joint industry/government symposium on Insensitive Munitions (IM) and Energetic Materials (EM).

New IM and EM technologies are finding increasing application to meet operational requirements in a variety of challenging in-service environments. This Symposium will address innovative IM and EM solutions being developed for deployment through all stages of the life-cycle. The 2019 IM & EM Technology Symposium is a major international forum for exchange and dissemination of information on the latest IM and EM advancements. This is the fifth time this Symposium has come to Europe and the first time it is to be held in Spain. The European location reflects the greater international co-operation and collaboration within the global defence community.

You can read more about the event here

What is the Object of Going

To become more accessible to overseas members and to obtain an understanding of how IExpE can better connect with them, with the aim of making membership more accessible to members overseas.
An increase in IExpE overseas membership will increase the membership footprint and provide the benefit of greater networking opportunities to IExpE membership not just in the UK but internationally.

It is an inevitable fact that international expansion involves openness to different types of people, it can bring good things to both the Institutes company’s image and the Institutes employees learning for it can bring out a different perspective to the Institutes projects and goals.

Gaining a bigger brand exposure is also important for the Institute as the greater the exposure the greater the reach, not only in terms of numbers, but also in different cultures. This can be a gateway for even better, bigger and farther expansion capability for the Institute thus driving more and more demands to our services.

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