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An international conference on the fundamental science of explosives and other energetic materials.

This 1st International Explosives Conference (IEC-2022) is for all professionals involved in the fundamental science of explosives and energetic materials.

The focus of the conference is future developments and the principal themes for this inaugural event include (but are not limited to):

  • Energetic Materials and Characterisation
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Response to Stimuli
  • Advances in Experimental Techniques and Diagnostics
  • Theory, Modelling and Simulation

If you are interested in the science that underpins deeper understanding of explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, gas generators, this is the event for your consideration. 

By design the event is unclassified with a view to generating a truly international mix of speakers and delegates. With opportunities for networking, discussing and debating all things energetics, be sure to book your place at the event.

Record of proceedings will be published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Visit here for more details: https://www.iec-2024.com/?action=main&reload=true