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Explosives Safety & Handling Level 1

Event Horizon

2 Days


Course Description

Aimed at special effects (SFX) personnel in accordance with HSE guidance on special visual effects involving explosives or pyrotechnics used in film and televisual productions. The course aims to provide SFX personnel with sufficient knowledge and skills to be able to work safely under close supervision. Educating SFX personnel in the safe use of explosives in the SFX industry.

Topics Covered

  • Historic Developments
  • Explosive Characteristics
  • Explosive Types
  • Initiation Methods
  • SFX Planning
  • Disposal
  • Security
  • Transport
  • Practical Training
  • Environmental Disturbance

Suggested Attendees

Trainees or others wishing to enter the world of film special effects who have not yet reached Technician. SFX trainees within the film and TV industries.

Additional Information

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