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Operational Response to Pyrotechnics & Ordnance Incidents

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Course Description

Course Description

When carrying out the management of Operational Response to Pyrotechnics and Ordnance Incidents, staff will need to understand the requirements for assessment and safe handling of pyrotechnics, in line with OAN 733 Annex 2 (operational response to reports on Explosive Ordnance (EO) below the HW mark). Learners will also need to understand the practical application of the requirements of OAN 733, terms and definitions, safe handling of pyrotechnics, safe handling assessment, in line with HMCG and UK MCA best-practice.

There is comprehensive overview regarding the UK MCA safe system of work for the safe handling, transportation and storage of marine pyrotechnics, which includes overview of relevant legal obligations, UK and international applicable regulations. Learners will also be given an general overview for recognising munitions and historic ordnance, so that staff can safely cordon, and liaise with relevant emergency services to handover incident control and removal / disposal of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).

Suggested Attendees

HMCG, UK MCA and RNLI staff as required. Supporting contractors may also be asked to attend. Understanding of OAN 733 and general handling of marine pyrotechnics is required for this course.


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