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BSc (Hons) Engineering Studies BSc (Hons) Engineering and Management Studies

University of Portsmouth

12 Months



Course Description

Course Description

Enable new learning achieved in the workplace to be accredited where it is relevant to the award being sought. To encourage the application of appropriate research methodology. To develop new technical writing skills.

Interpret and develop new technical facts, business principles and relevant theory. Analyse the organisation of the work environment and its wider impact. Demonstrate ability to take responsibility for and apply best practice. Demonstrate work-based learning and capabilities within a range of unfamiliar situations and problems.


Suggested Attendees

Not yet completed L6 learning, HNC or equivalent, can complete remaining 240 credits. HND/fd or equivalent, can complete 120 remaining credits. Without formal qualifications can complete a Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) portfolio.


Course Length

Without RPL, complete course in 180 credits, recommended at 60 credits a year. Studying the final 60 credits, recommended at 1 academic year..


Additional Information

Many of our courses run upon request and are subject to the numbers of learners applying; therefore, if you are interested please use the contact form below.


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