UNECE/OTIF –RID/ADR/ADN Joint Meeting,  September 2020.


The following message has been received from the Department of Transport dangerous goods safety advisor in regard to the meeting which has been subject of previous circulations.  In regard to the meeting, there are certain new papers and the following may be of interest to certain members –


2020/34 + INF.9 (OTIF) might be relevant to those parts of the manufacturing explosive substances on an industrial scale. There are also a number of papers on the testing of vehicle mounted tanks that might be of interest to some members such as those operating MEMUs.

2020/27 might be of interest to members supplying small arms ammunition and taking advantage of the LQ exemptions.

2020/23, 2020/29 + WP.15 107th session INF.30 (Switzerland), 2020/66 might be of interest to members transporting or operating lithium ion battery powered vehicles.

Sophie Willis of the Dangerous Goods team is seeking any comments by this Friday, 21st August.   She can be contacted at Sophie.Willis@dft.gov.uk.  Members with comment are asked to email her direct in view of the requested return date.


“Dear all,


As you may know an extended session of the UN-ECE Joint Meeting is scheduled for 10-18 September following cancellation of the March session due to coronavirus. The papers submitted to the March session are being carried over for discussion at the September session, however a number of informal papers have been replaced by new formal papers. If you have previously provided comments on a paper/s in advance of the March session, please be assured these will still be considered and do not need to be provided again.


Paper summaries can be found in the attached document along with some key terms to help you find papers of interest. New papers issued after the March session are highlighted yellow.


that might have some wider relevance.


I would be grateful if you could aim for 21st August as a deadline for comments. I expect comments received to be largely on the new papers, unless you are aware of new information concerning the papers which have been previously consulted on.”