SAFEX was established in 1954 and is based in Switzerland where it is registered as a non-profit organization.

Only companies that manufacture explosives may belong to SAFEX. Their Associate Members, of which IExpE is one, are required to be involved with the explosives industry and share their objectives.

SAFEX’s purpose is to eliminate the harmful effects of explosives on People, Property and the Planet (Environment) by encouraging Members to learn from each other’s experiences. These experiences are taken from all stages of the explosives life cycle including the design, development, manufacture, storage, distribution, use and disposal/recycling of explosives products.

For information regarding the call for Papers SAFEX Congress 2017 please click here


The SAFEX Board of Governors is pleased to advise that the SAFEX e-Learning Portal is now up and running after more than a year of development work which was undertaken in conjunction with Cranfield University. The Portal which can be accessed at is designed to host the e-learning Programmes SAFEX will be offering its Members. These Programmes are intended for SAFEX Members in the first place. However, where possible, SAFEX will make them available to Non-Members at an extra charge in the interests of explosives safety.

Each Programme is made up of different Modules which participants will be able to access on the Portal once they have purchased the necessary “User Credits”. One User Credit will entitle one employee to participate in one module of any of the Programmes on offer for 3 years from the date the Credit is first used. This will allow the employee to do refresher training on that specific module. A User Credit can be purchased by SAFEX Members for EUR 100.00 per person per module and Non-members for EUR 250.00. At this stage there is only one Module (Basis of Safety) of the SAFEXplosives Management Programme available but others are in different stages of preparation and will be made available as soon as possible.

Member companies that are interested in accessing the Portal should appoint a Company Administrator to purchase and administer the “User Credits” for its Company. Company Administrators can register their Company and purchase credits by clicking “How do I register my Company on the system” on the Welcome Page of the Portal, completing the Form and submitting it. Individuals, who are interested in participating in any of the modules of the SAFEX e-Learning Programmes, should contact their Company Administrator or SAFEX Contact. Alternatively, they can click “How can I participate” on the Welcome Page of the Portal, complete the Form and submit it.

Why not visit and find out more about this exciting development. If you still have questions that need clarifying, don’t hesitate to let the Secretary General of SAFEX know.