Great Britain’s Explosives Notified Body (GB-ENB) has been appointed by the HSE to carry out the procedures for assessing the conformity of civil explosives with the requirements of the Civil Uses Directive 93/15/EC.

The Institute has two seats on the group that ensures that the GB-ENB acts impartially.

If any member of the Institute wishes to raise a concern about GB-ENB’s:

  • policies and principles as they relate to the impartiality of GB-ENB’s certification activities;
  • any tendency on the part of GB-ENB to allow commercial or other considerations to prevent the consistent impartial provision of certification activities;
  • impartiality and openness in certification activities; or
  • any other matter that indicates that the UK’s explosives industries cannot be confident that GB-ENB is undertaking its functions appropriately.

please feel free to do so by contacting the Secretary and giving the relevant details.

If any member of the Institute wishes to raise a concern about the work of another Explosives Notified Body please contact the Secretary and the Institute will attempt to identify an appropriate route whereby your concerns can be raised.

You can find out more about the requirements for placing civil explosives on the market in Great Britain, the European Union and the European Economic area by visiting HSE’s website