The current project in the EUExcert programme is EUExImp (European Explosives Sector Implementation of Occupational Standards).

KCEM AB (Sweden) leads the project which is partially funded with EC monies through the Erasmus+ scheme. KCEM AB works through the Swedish Council for Higher Education as the funding authority for Erasmus+ projects in Sweden.

PICRITE Ltd is the UK project partner and Event Horizon Ltd is the UK industry partner; IExpE remains the UK National Node for EUExcert and conduit for working with other EUExcert organisations and EUExcert Association.

The project aims to develop knowledge of how to implement the occupational standards as a HR and management tool at plant level as well as developing existing training into a package that is transferable within and across organisational and national boundaries. In addition, the project aims to develop tools for implementing new improved HR-practice based on occupational standards. The tools will be developed as a step-by-step guide and manual for process management when implementing occupational standards and revised to include good practice and delivered as a handbook for translation and dissemination purposes.

The use of occupational standards in HR-practice ensures that skills gaps analysis, competence development, education and training, recruitment will be based on European standards and therefore ensures transferable competencies and ultimately mobile workers. Employees who are provided with lifelong learning and supplementary education and training based on their needs in relation to their tasks at work ensures that the risks and hazards at work decreases and the work will continue to be safe.

The project is being conducted as sub-projects, i.e. what each industry partner intends to do to implement the NOS:

  • Sweden: KCEM AB; SAAB Bofors Test Centre AB – BTC will use the NOS in a management role, to identify the skills of their explosives workers on their HR system as part of their ISO 17025 compliance management framework.
  • UK: PICRITE Ltd; Event Horizon Pyrotechnics Limited – Event Horizon is going to redesign their existing SFX courses, mapped to the NOS and, at least at the moment and pending a visit with the prime customer for SFX technicians (BECTU), develop and deliver qualifications.
  • Germany: Dresdner Sprengschuele GmbH; MAXAM Deutschland – their intent is to compare and contrast the NOS with existing German mandatory training and qualification requirements to identify possible gaps and/or opportunities for change.
  • Portugal: University of Coimbra; G.J.R. – Pirotecnia e Explosivos, SA – GJR intends to implement manufacturing qualifications for its staff.
  • Estonia: Tallinn University of Technology; Voglers Eesti OÜ – Voglers intends to use UK qualifications in explosives safety management, to demonstrate their company and workers’ competence to their international customers.

The first EUExlmp Newsletter has now been published.


Our Partners

UK – Event Horizon


Sweden – KCEM

Sweden – SAAB Bofors Test Centre

Estonia – Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Mining

Estonia – Voglers Eesti OU

Portugal – University of Coimbra

Portugal – GJR Explosives and Pyrotechnics

Germany -Dresdner Sprengschule

Germany – MAXAM Deutschland