EUExcert UK is a body of interested organisations who perceive benefits to themselves and the sustainment of the UK explosives sector through mutual engagement with the wider European and global explosives community.

The benefits perceived by all these partners and organisations include:

  • Common occupational standards.
  • Internationally recognisable training.
  • Internationally recognisable and, ultimately, common certification.
  • Internationally recognisable competence
  • Improved mobility of workers, benefiting:
    • the worker through enhanced depth and breadth of experience
    • the employer by widening the labour pool for effective recruitment.

Membership is by acceptance of the Articles of Association and is open to any explosives-related organisation based in the UK.


The aims of EUExcert UK are:

  • to enhance the status of UK explosives workers in Europe and beyond by providing an environment in which vocational education and training (VET) is established; competence is defined; career planning and progression is fostered and these are integrated into all working levels.
  • to improve safety practices in the UK explosives sector by integrating competency frameworks and safety regimes.
  • to contribute to the employment mobility of explosives workers across Europe and beyond.
  • to enhance the significance of the UK explosives sector in the European and global marketplace.


The ultimate provision and acceptance of competence-based VET throughout the explosives industry taking the capability of UK explosives workers into Europe and beyond.


The purpose of the association is to:

  • Promote and manage exchange programmes for students and specialists in the Explosives sector
  • Promote cooperation for international and transnational education and training in the Explosives sector
  • Manage and update the glossary on terminology for the Explosives sector
  • Maintain a network of experts
  • Support the UK Government and European Commission with independent advice
  • Award the EUExcert certificate and be responsible for the nations awarding bodies
  • Promote and license the EUExcert trademark
  • Strive to include all European nations in the EUExcert legal association
  • Search for international cooperation


ADEDE bvba



BAE Systems

Better Risk

Beech Tree Solutions Ltd


Cranfield University

Cyclonite Consultancy Ltd

DHA Global

DefLog VQ Trust



Explosive Capabilities Ltd

Explosive Learning Solutions

Explosive Risk Management

Hinton Associates

Homeland Security Qualifications




Optima Group



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