Dear PEI Heads of Membership and Professional Affiliate key contacts,



Reminder: three weeks left for consultation responses


As you know, we have been reviewing the Engineering Council’s Guidance on Sustainability for the engineering profession. The small working group tasked with this took careful account of the 2019 feedback from institutions about our suite of guidance, and the recent responses about this specific guidance. The draft revised version is below.


EngC Guidance on Sustainability – draft, revised version (PDF)




We would like to invite your institution’s comments on the draft revised version via a short on-line survey which should take around 20 minutes to complete. Compared with the previous (2009) version, this draft includes updating (eg UN SDGs) and increases the sense of urgency, encouraging engineering professionals to be proactive, take a lead and challenge. In line with institutions’ feedback, the format, the Principles plus bullets approach and length are unchanged; there will be a new front cover. Links to other useful documents, references, case studies will be made from our webpage on sustainability.




We are aware that the Coronavirus pandemic means that institutions are particularly busy, however our Board is keen that this important work should proceed, to ensure that there is up to date guidance to support engineers and technicians. For this reason we have given an eight week consultation period, which we hope enables you to seek comments from others. We have included a PDF version of the survey for circulation. However, please can you ensure that your institution submits one response using the online form.


See the consultation on the Partner Portal




Please respond using the online survey at this link.




The deadline for responses is 1 September 2020.




We look forward to receiving your responses on this important work. Please get in touch if you have any queries.