Technical Data Required for possible Former Soviet Union B1 Depth Charge/Mine

Dear all,

I am currently sat on about 12 tonnes NEQ of this type of mine/depth charge in Yemen. Physical stockpile and security management is a big issue and these items need to be disposed of safely. I’m keen to know as much about them, with limited resource available here, before I issue the safe-to-move. My guess is that they are the Former Soviet Union B1 Depth Charge, and unlikely to be stored with fuze, but any positive identification or technical data would be much appreciated.

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  1. Answered by Malc Ingry

    I have made comments on LinkedIn to the above

  2. Answered by Adrian Wilkinson

    Gareth, sent you some data on Russian mines.

  3. Answered by Raymond Ollier

    B1 Characteristics:

    Made 1928
    165kg – TNT
    Sinking Rate – 2.5m per second
    Maximum Depth Setting 100m
    Fuze Type – Time or Hydrostatic (Later Models)

  4. Answered by Paul Clark

    I’ve posted your request on the Bomb Disposal group on Facebook. Will forward any replies…

  5. Answered by Adam Wheeler

    Hello Gareth,

    I have some technical information on the USSR B1 Depth charge, which may be of some use to you. I would prefer to send it direct to you rather than an open format. Please provide an email address, if you still require the information.



  6. Answered by Stuart Taylor

    The size you sent matches the BB1. The only real issue I see without the pistol installed is explosive instability. This was supposedly discontinued after or around 1950s’.

    I know the fuse was tetryl but idk main charge.

    BB1, Total weight, 363.7 lbs (165kg)
    Explosive weight 300 lbs (135kg) TN

  7. Answered by Mark Rogers

    Hi Gareth,
    I have data and drawings on the B1, contact me via Linkedin with your email address if you still need the information.

    Buck Rogers

  8. Answered by Gareth Collett

    Thank you for all the advice. The items in question were the B1 soviet depth charge with and without pistons. Those fitted with pistons were destroyed first, whilst the remainder go for demolition in early 2020. I have the technical data if anyone requires it.


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