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Accreditation through the IExpE is for those organisations delivering training leading to a formal qualification. This involves greater internal and external assurance and is the pinnacle of our endorsement programme.

Accredited organisations represent excellence in the field of Explosives Education and Training

Learners will receive UK recognised qualifications on successful completion which will be recognised by any company or individual. The qualification will directly support membership and professional registration.

The centre will receive an “IExpE Accredited” certificate and are able to use the “IExpE Accredited” logo when marketing their course.

All fees are exclusive of VAT.



Previous Experience of delivering training

Public Liability Insurance

Health & Safety Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Complaints Policy

Appeals Policy

Detailed course information (course, facilities, NOS, etc.)

Quality Assurance information

Evidence of meaningful outcomes and progression

Plans for collecting feedback

Ability to deliver a formal qualification to Ofqual requirements


Corporate Members

£1000 per year

Company Members

£1500 per year

Course Fee

£350 per course per year


£75 per learner


Not available to Non-Members.

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