Update from the Defence OME Safety Regulator & CIE (MOD)

My Team has been developing a new set of Defence Regulations which is due to replace the Joint Service Publications (JSP) and many of you will be familiar with JSP 390-Lasers, JSP 403-Ranges, JSP 482-Explosives, JSP 498-MACR and JSP 520-OME. By the end of this year, all these JSPs will be incorporated into two new publications; DSA 02.5 – Defence OME Regulations and DSA 03.5 – Defence Codes of Practice for OME Safety, both of which are made available on the MOD internet webpages. On a final note, the Explosives Storage and Transport Committee (ESTC) was resigned to history on the 1st April 2015 when we stood-up this new team. Classification of Military Explosives is now carried out by DOSR, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries in that area.

Bob MacNaught BSc CEng FIExpE MIET MAPM

further information: Robert.MacNaught319@mod.gov.uk

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