United Nations Transport of Dangerous Goods Explosives Working Group meeting 1st July

Phil Smith at HSE Explosives has contacted the Institute in regard to the above meeting and asked if members who are able to, will look through the documents attached and pass any comment back to him so that he can give a reflection of the UK’s position on these matters. The 11 documents Phil has forwarded have explosive related matters and any feedback would be appreciated by 25th June as he has a pre-meeting with the Department of Transport on 27th. Phil can be contacted at philip.smith@hse.gov.uk and in view of the time frame, it is requested that any response members would like to make are sent directly to him at that address.

Information papers are submitted to the UN Secretariat right up to the day of the meeting (and during the meeting). Any new documents after the attachments can be found here. If responding members will be kind enough to copy the office also, it would be greatly appreciated.

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