UN Transport of Dangerous Goods Meeting of Working Party 15 on the 11th to 15th November

In advance of the forthcoming meeting, the Department for Transport Dangerous Goods Team are seeking any feedback that members might have on the papers submitted thus far. The papers, comprising the Provisional Agenda, its addenda and Formal Papers 2019/15 to 2019/23, together with one informal paper can be viewed using the link;

[ECE-TRANS-WP15 Agenda-247e]
[ECE-TRANS-WP15-Agenda adenda 247e]

All these can also be found on the UNECE website. If you are viewing from that site, please be sure to use the November tab as the May meeting schedule of items is still the first page.

Members engaged in transporting explosives and other dangerous goods may wish to consider the following papers –

  • Paper 15, Containers with limited quantities and use of tunnels, Paper 19, Dangerous Goods exemption from tunnel restrictions & Paper 20, Marking of vehicles passing through tunnels.
  • Paper 18, ADR Driver Training Certificates
  • Paper 22, Proposed requirements for drivers to only produce the documents relating to the goods still on board at a checkpoint, not the documents for the original consignment.

DfT have confirmed that the UK stakeholder briefing meeting will be on Thursday 31st October at their offices in London. DfT requests that any initial comments on the formal papers be with them by 16th October, and they would appreciate any comments on any further informal papers as they come in. In providing and feedback or comments, DfT encourage consideration of the following also;

  1. Potential impact on industry and safety if adopted.
  2. Whether there is an alternative/better way
  3. Any unintended consequences of adopting the amendment/s.

Comment can be sent directly, or contact made with the Dangerous Goods Team at dangerousgoods@dft.gov.uk. Any further papers notified will be circulated on receipt.

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