UK intended lines for November meeting of the UNE Committee of Experts at its 105 Session.

The Department for Transport (DfT) have released the details of the agenda and the UK positional paper for the above meeting which takes place next week.  The information and details of these are reproduced below.  If members have any queries they can contact the Dangerous Goods Team at


Meeting:UNECE; WP.15  
Meeting term:November2018  
Session number:105   
Document date:31 October 2018  
1Adoption of the agenda  
2Eightieth session of the Inland Transport Committee 
3Status of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and related issues 
4Work of the RID/ADR/ADN Joint Meeting 
5Proposals for amendments to annexes A and B of ADR 
5 (a)    – Construction and approval of vehicles 
5 (b)    – Miscellaneous proposals 
6Interpretation of ADR  
7Programme of work  
8Any other business  
9Election of officers for 2019 
10Adoption of the report  
Agenda itemPaper number(Submitter) TitleUK pre-meeting position
3INF.15(Secretariat) Accession of Nigeria to the ADRNo decision required
INF.16(Secretariat) Acceptance of the amendments proposed by Portugal to Annexes A and B, as amendedSupport
5(a)2018/7(United Kingdom) Tanks: First inspection waiver for EX/II, EX/III, FL and AT vehicles and MEMUs type-approved in accordance with and for which a declaration of conformity with the requirements of Chapter 9.2 to 9.8 has been issuedSupport (UK paper)
2018/8(France) Application des prescriptions du de l’ADR sur les câblesListen and decide
INF.13(Netherlands) Use of Electric and hybrid Electric vehicles for the carriage of dangerous goods : an overview for discussionNo decision required
5(b)2018/5(Germany) Correction of footnote b to the instructions in writingOppose
2018/6(Germany) Layout of the ADR training certificate in accordance with in conjunction with of ADR – admissibility of additional information on the backSupport in principle
2018/10(Belarus) Amendment to the text of (concerns the Russian version)No decision required
2018/11(Belarus) Amendment to the text of decision required
INF.3(Switzerland) Proposal for clarification of the scope of
INF.4(Switzerland) Transport Class 7 excepted packages with limited activity levels without fire-fighting equipment to enable continuous post serviceSupport
INF.7(IRU) Online referesher training for drivers of dangerous goodsListen and decide
INF.8(United Kingdom) Proposal to add a footnote to the table in to define Nm3Support (UK paper)
INF.9(United Kingdom) UN 3316 – Chemical and first aid kits transport categorySupport (UK paper)
INF.12(Finland/Sweden) More than one trailer (or semi-trailer) in a transport unit (8.1.1)Listen and decide
INF.18(Austria) ADR driver training certificates from Contracting PartiesNo decision required
6INF.5(Georgia) Proposal for clarification of terminology in (c)No decision required
INF.6(Georgia) Proposal for clarification of the terminlogy in (e)Oppose
INF.10(Netherlands) Interpretation of the requirements for thermal insulation in of ADR 2019Support
INF.11(Netherlands) Interpretation of – electronic equipment in the driver’s cab of FL vehiclesNo decision required
82018/4(Romania) Consolidated table of the applicable provisions of Part 9 of ADR for the technical inspection of EX/II, EX/III, FL, and AT vehicles and MEMUsSupport
2018/9(France) Publication des questions d’interprétation de l’ADRNo decision required
INF.14(Sweden) Supervision of vehicles, Chapter 8.5No decision required

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