Transport of Dangerous Goods – Multilateral Agreement (MLA) M321 and RID 2/2019 have been enacted

The DfT has informed us that the UK has initiated two MLAs concerning the carriage of substances under UN No. 3316 CHEMICAL KIT or FIRST AID KIT in relation to special provision 671 and These have now been countersigned by Sweden and Germany and additional countries signing up can be viewed by using the below links that contain the specified documents. These MLAs are valid until 31st December 2020 for the carriage on the territories of those ADR Contracting Parties signatory to this agreement.

The background to the Multilateral Agreement
Following amendments made for the 2019 editions of RID and ADR, kits that contain only dangerous goods to which no packing group is assigned (i.e. a kit containing one or more aerosols or other articles) are not considered in SP 671, so no applicable transport category can be determined. A transport category is required on the transport document so that operators can check the information to correctly assess their loads for possible RID/ADR compliance. To overcome this, the United Kingdom proposed an addition to SP 671, allocating kits that contain only dangerous goods to which no packing group assigned to transport category 2.

These are unlikely to be relevant to members from day to day activities. For reference members should be aware that in relation to the above items under 3316 as described, SP251 disapplies ADR from kits that are carried on vehicles for first aid or operating purposes.

  1. ADR M321:
  2. RID 2/2019:


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