The Official report, Delegates report and results matrix from the meeting of the Committee of Experts 105th Session.

The Department for Transport (DfT) have released the reports from the November meeting, which can be viewed via the linked 2 papers.(November 2018 WP.15 Results Matrix) (UK Delegates Report – November 2018 WP.15)On the issues concerning ExII, ExIII and MEMU’s, the attention of members involved with these areas is drawn to the above in regard to –

  • the withdrawal of the UK paper on a first inspection waiver in Agenda item 5 (paper 2018/7) due to lack of support by other delegations
  • the Romanian proposal on explosives vehicles in Any Other Business (paper 2018/04)

If members have any queries they can contact the Dangerous Goods Team at


Legal & Compliance

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