Standards published for the degree level 6 OME Professional apprenticeship

With the introduction of new rules for applying for apprenticeships, and the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy by the Government, Dstl sought to instigate a new, degree level, energetics based apprenticeship. With this a Trailblazer was set up and formed of SMEs and larger energetics related companies from around the UK. With support from the Trailblazer companies, the Institute of Explosives Engineers, and The Explosives Engineers Educational & Research Trust, the group submitted an expression of interest to the newly formed Institute of Apprenticeships. The EOI was highly advocated across the sector, the Trailblazer sailed through to the next stage as to develop and submit the standards for this highly sought-after apprenticeship.

The standard for this apprenticeship have been approved and published.

What does this mean now? Whilst the Trailblazer completes the End Point Assessment plan, companies now have a tangible document they can refer potential candidates to, and start recruiting.

It is the vision of the Sector Skills Strategy Group to submit this to a wider roadmap of skills, qualifications and courses. It is one more piece to ensuring UK capability in energetics which looks at school leavers, right up to specialists within their fields.

For more about the SSSG, see:

Chris Tunstall

IExpE Project Co-Ordinator


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