New EUExcert UK Member

ADEDE bvba, a Belgium maritime EOD organisation has signed the articles of association with EUExcert UK, thus demonstrating their commitment to the principles of improving safety in the explosives sector through demonstrable competence and improved mobility of explosives workers through transnational recognition of competence.

The following organisations have now added weight to the EUExcert Association by signing the Articles of Association to EUExcert UK:

BAE SystemsBattrick Consultancy
Beech Tree Solutions LtdChemring Group PLC
Cyclonite Consultancy LtdDavid Hopps Associates Ltd
EPC-UKExplosive Capabilities Ltd
Explosive Learning Solutions LtdExplosive Risk Management
Hinton AssociatesHomeland #Security Qualifications
IExpE (The UK National Node for EUExcert)ISSEE
MAST LtdOptima Group
Ramora UKSSB for EMSO
System Design Evaluation Ltd