Our Key Partners & Affiliates

Working in Co-operation with our partners gives members the very best career development opportunities

Delivering relevant, effective and up to date services for members depends on our relationship with a number of strategic explosives industry partners and professional bodies These groups offer us valuable access to their skills and resources and we in turn support the programmes they develop. Key to the Institute’s success and continued progress are the following:

The Sector Skills Strategy Group (SSSG), of which IExpE is a current member, is a collaborative group of defence sector companies and other related organisations working together to  provide strategic direction to sustain explosives skills to meet present and future business needs. This is achieved via the establishment of specific expert working groups, (EWG’s) focused on defined areas or aspects of the explosives industry Many members of the EWGs have agreed to allow the publication of their contact details so that IExpE Members may ask relevant questions.

Members are able to access further Information from our online Resources Library.

The Purpose of the Standards Setting Body for Explosives, Munitions & Search Occupations (SSB for EMSO) is to foster competence in the explosives industry through the commissioning and maintenance of nationally accredited standards and qualifications, in particular National Vocational Qualifications. A voluntary, freestanding committee, the SSB seeks to achieve consensus views on competence related matters through consultation with and between stakeholders. The SSB also works closely with a number of other bodies, including the Health & Safety Executive.

Members are able to access further Information from our online Resources Library

The Institute of Explosives Engineers is a Professional Affiliate of the Engineering Council and as such can offer our members opportunities to obtain a Professional Registration for Chartership (CEng), Incorporation (IEng) and the designation Engineering Technician (Eng Tech).

Our affiliation with The Engineering Council also provides our members with the opportunity to download the Council’s MYCareerPath  Continous Personal development software, enabling the effective management and recording of career development, which is a crucial aim of IExpE and supported by our policies and practices targeted at advancing our members professional standing and career opportunities.

Members are able to access further Information from our online Resources Library

Details of additional working partnerships with the organisations listed below and how they add value to your membership of IExpE may be accessed by Members in the Online Resources Library:

  • The CBI Explosives Industry Group
  • Cogent Skills – supporting Science Industry employees
  • EFFE – The Eighth International Disposal Conference & First Peace technology Conference – Sept 2016
  • The Explosives Industry Forum and its Expert Working Group in Bootle. Merseyside
  • The Explosives Notified Body (ENB-GB) appointed by the Health & Safety Executive to assess the conformity of explosives
  • SAFEX, whose purpose is to eliminate the harmful effects of explosives on the environment
  • CSCS, CSCS and IExpE have partnered so CSCS recognised cards can be issued to Explosives Ordnance Clearance (EOC) Engineers by the industry’s recognised professional body.