Members Online Resource Library

The Institute has brought together and indexed a wealth of valuable information in an online Information Resources Library which forms a part of this website.

The majority of the information in The Library is available only to Members, but the details of what can be accessed there and how it supports the Membership of IExpE is referred to in many pages on this website, providing visitors with a clear insight in to the depth and variety of resources that membership can unlock.

The Library is regularly updated with new material and provides expansive details, both about the function of IExpE and explanations of and access to wider opportunities, within the Explosives Industry, that members may wish to learn about.

What’s Inside

The Library is primarily indexed under the same headings given for pages on this website, but with specific sections relevant to Members Careers and Professional Development.

provides greater detail on the Directors, the Council and IExpE policies and is open to site visitors in order to offer a full background to the management of IExpE, prior to the submission of your application for membership.

expands on the various topics covered within the Membership pages on this website and referenced at the foot of each of those pages. It is available only to IExpE Members

provides further specifics on how IExpE can assist members to obtain Professional Registration, as well as guidance on opportunities for members to further their knowledge and skills, including a list of recommended Training Providers in the UK.

It is available only to IExpE Members.

houses records of previously published Journals and News items, offering a valuable research resource and Explosives Industry archive.

Content such as the journal archive and some categories of news are only available to IExpE Members.

expanding in detail on the many high quality organisations with whom IExpE is associated and offering connections to a valuable quantity of experts, programmes and in depth knowledge about all aspects of the Explosives industry. It is available only to IExpE members.

With the exception of information within The Institute and its Role, access to the Resources Library is password protected to offer exceptional and extensive resources as a significant benefit of IExpE membership, for which an application may be submitted under the Make an Application for Membership tab.