Company Member

Qualifying Criteria

Prior to submitting an application for company membership of IExpE, please ensure you provide evidence to, and satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Have a minimum of one individual member
  • Can provide full insurance details
  • Provide adequate references
  • Provide accounts

If confirmed as a member of IExpE you will have the status of a Non-Voting Full Member.


Once completed, please follow the submission instructions

Application Fee – £70 / Annual Membership – £632.50 (UK) / £642.50 (Non-UK)

The Application Fee is payable at the time of sending in your application form and is not refundable.


The first annual subscription will become due when you receive acknowledgment of your membership status.

A Certificate of Membership will not be sent to the applicant until such time as we receive this payment. The pro rata amount payable will be as detailed below:

Admitted before 30th April – Full Annual Subscription
Admitted between 1st May & 31st August – One Half of Annual Subscription
Admitted between 1st September & 30th November – One Quarter of Annual Subscription
Admitted after 1st December 2019 – the following year’s annual Subscription will be paid


The Institute has been approved by the Board of the Inland Revenue, under Section 201, Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 for members whose Tax affairs are dealt with in the UK to obtain Income Tax Relief on their Subscriptions.

Submission Checklist

To avoid any delay being incurred with the processing of your application please ensure the following:-

  1. All sections of the application form have been completed in full and the application form is signed and dated
  2. Your application form has been signed by your proposer and seconder who must be a current IExpE Member or Company Member
  3. The non refundable application fee in the sum of £70.00 is enclosed

When submitting your application please be aware of the Institute’s policy in relation to criminal convictions and insolvency.  If you have at the time of entering the Institute, or subsequently acquire, any relevant conviction or become subject to any order of Insolvency you need to declare them.  Details should be provided with your application in a sealed envelope marked ‘VP Membership – In Confidence’.


Please submit your application via the appropriate pdf form, which may be completed online, or printed off and either

E mailed to:

or posted to:
Ground Floor, Unit 1
Greyfriars Business Park
Frank Foley Way
Stafford, ST16 2ST

Your personal details will be kept on a secure data base which is not linked to this website and in the event of your application being declined will be destroyed.