Level 6, Degree Course

In recent years, apprenticeships have been changing their image. The barriers to engaging in apprenticeships have been lifted to accommodate: higher age learners, previous learning experiences and the government funding, which will appeal to existing staff members and returners to the industry, not just new staff. Companies are now benefitting from the rewards in hiring apprentices:

  • Apprenticeships are designed by businesses, so the training is always relevant, which means that apprentices are productive workers because they understand your business as a result of their on-the-job training. They are government funded and they simplify the recruitment, retention and training process.

At the Institute of Explosives Engineers, under the guidance of the Sector Skills Strategy Group, they have created a tailored Level 6 Degree apprenticeship and, in conjunction with The University of Wales and Aston University, the recruitment processes for these courses is currently underway. The Trailblazer group are currently looking at developing a L4 & L7 apprenticeship to complement the existing L6.

Details of the L6 are currently available from The University of Wales via: gary.jones2@uwtsd.ac.uk

Follow the link for current information. ..\..\WORKING GROUPS\TRAILBLAZER\OME Apprenticeships vs5 (003).pdf

If you require any assistance with next steps, please contact:  stephanieball@iexpe.org