Leaving the EU

A number of queries have been received in regards to how the exiting process will affect the explosives industry and users of explosives.  The immediate answer is, no one knows.   The message for the moment is that we continue with what regulations we have in place let us say “business as usual” until, and probably during the exiting period.

As you will be aware from the media and press coverage, the situation on the process for decoupling is untried territory, not the least of which is what is needed to invoke Article 50, with challenges in the High Court on whether the Prime Minister needs Parliamentary approval or not to give notice of leaving.  On exiting the EU it seems likely that in order to export materials to the EU the UK would still be required to conform to the European legislation in the same way that other non EU countries do.

To help steer members through the process the Legal and Compliance section will liaise with the Health and Safety Executive as this work develops. At present an initial paper on leaving the EU is available here

If members have any particular questions in the interim, or would like items passing to the explosives HSE team, please feel free to contact Legal & Compliance section at legislation@IExpE.org.

Tony Slate TIExpE
Vice President
Legal and Compliance Section