Intra Community Transfers of Civil Explosives (ICT’s)

HSE has announced that as of the 1st of October it will be implementing the SCEPYLT system for authorising intra-community transfers of civil explosives (ICTs). This is an administrative change that should speed up the grant of authorisations for transfers between and through EU member states using SCEPYLT. People requesting ICTs should not see any change in the application process.

SCEPYLT is aimed at facilitating approvals to transfer explosives across borders within the EU through electronically issuing transfer permits, and is based on Commission Decision 2010/347. The project is coordinated by the Spanish authorities and comprises a software package operating on a secure EU-wide network.

It enables the electronic approval of intra-EU transfers of explosives, making the movement of explosives around Europe faster and easier to control and comprises part of the new EU approach to the detection and mitigation of CBRN-E risks ( ).

You can find out more from HSE’s briefing note.