Council Nominations 2018

I hereby nominate the below member for a seat on the Institute Council for the term commencing at the Annual General Meeting 2018. I confirm I have the consent of the member to submit this nomination and that the Memorandum of Expectation has been read and agreed by the nominee


  • Nominee Information

  • All work undertaken by Council Members is on a voluntary basis.
  • Depending upon the number of nominations received, and length of tenure of existing Council Members, elections may be held. Those who are subject to election will be invited to provide information for the membership in support of their nomination for Council.
  • If you would like further information regarding the election process please contact

Memorandum on the expectations of Council members

The Officers and Members of Council, considerate of their responsibilities for the proper management of the Institute make the following expectations of every member of Council.

  1. That they will act within the Constitution and powers thereof.
  2. To act to promote the aims of the institute and the best interests of the membership.
  3. To exercise their independent judgement, reasonable care, skill and diligence in all dealings of the institute.
  4. To avoid conflict of interest and disclose interest on proposed transactions or arrangements.
  5. That they will render assistance to business areas of the Institute as required.
  6. To be prepared to sit on panels etc convened to undertake the functions of the Council on matters within the Institute’s policies and procedures
  7. That they will, subject to circumstances, attend the Annual General Meeting and the Council meetings held during their term(s) on Council.
  8. To be prepared to commit the time necessary to undertake tasks they have agreed to undertake.