SSSG Background

The SSSG was formed on the back of the ‘ESA Entity Feasibility Study’ undertaken by Prof J.Akhavan & Dr D.Tisley on behalf of the MoD. In their report, they emphasised on the already widely recognised risk to a loss of skills/competence that was in decline within the ESA community. The report, as the title suggests, set out to identify the possibility of a single entity to address the decline within the UK’s explosives workforce.

In the years after the report, the Institute of Explosives Engineers put forward a proposal for a ‘Sector Skills Strategy Group’; the entity described within Prof J.Akhavan & Dr D.Tisley’s report. In the early months of 2011 the group was formed. It was supported by the DOES (Development Office for Explosives Standards) that was supported by the Institute.

Today, the SSSG is made up of Institute Corporate Members and its activities are supported by the Institute’s administrative office.