Past Accident Review

The Past Accident Review (PAR) expands the HSE’s Explosives Incidents Database (EIDAS) to include good practice and help us learn from mistakes of the past.

The records span as far back as the 1720’s and up to the modern day.

The SSSG working groups involved in the review have commented that some practices, performed many years ago, are still performed today and there is still much to learn from these past incidents.

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The latest version of the PAR Information Table is here

Here are just some examples of what incidents are referred to within the PAR:

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2004 Villeneuve Sur Lot (Report ID: 14439)

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1917 White Lund (Report ID: 3825)

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Report ID: 1647, shows an incident occurring during the disassembly of obsolete metallic cartridges. This was reported by The Spectator in September 1889