Corporate Membership

IExpE Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is akin to the activities and outputs of the Sector Skills Strategy Group (SSSG).

Corporate Membership offers an opportunity for networking to the highest level of personnel. Current members are:

The SSSG is supported through Corporate Membership from the Institute of Explosives Engineers who offer the following benefits:

Corporate Member Benefits

  • Access to IExpE Events
  • Access to IExpE Member website
  • Access to IExpE mechanisms for liaison and lobbying related authorities (Government, HSE, etc.)
  • Free of charge endorsement of training courses and IPD schemes
  • Free quarterly journals
  • Voting member at SSSG
  • SSSG support via full time staff at IExpE offices (SME and Admin)
  • Dedicated web presence and file sharing area within the IExpE website with access to the Knowledge Base
  • Use of IExpE Logo in relevant documents/marketing