Endorsed centres and courses have been externally verified (by the IExpE) and that you have policies and procedures in place to ensure safe and effective training. It demonstrates to potential learners that course content has been technically vetted by the professional body for the sector.

The centre will receive an “IExpE Endorsed” certificate.

The Institute will provide learners with a course certificate and providers are able to use the “IExpE Endorsed” logo when marketing their course.


As per recognised, plus: –

  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Complaints Policy
  • Appeals Policy
  • Detailed course information (course, facilities, NOS, etc.)
  • Centre Endorsement Application Fee
    • Free to Corporate Members
    • £500 pa to Company Members
    • Not available to non-company members
  • Course Fee (one off)
    • Free to Corporate Members
    • 1st course free
      • £250 per additional course (up to £1000 max)
    • Recurring Fees
      • Centre fees
        • Free to Corporate Members
        • £500 for Company Members
      • Course fees
        • Free to Corporate Members
        • £250 pa per course (up to £1000 max) for Company Members
      • Learner fees
        • £30 per certificate



Applications can be made using these course and centre application forms and submitting this to vickihall@iexpe.org together with the appropriate payment. (Please note this is non-refundable.)

Endorsed Courses
Provider Course Name
MAST EOD Combat Diver Course
University of Central Lancashire Explosives Investigation Course
Explosives Learning Solutions (ELS) Explosive safety Management Course (ESMC)
The British Cave Research Association The Application of High Explosives to Caving
RMCS Shrivenham Chemring Explosives Appreciation Course
EPC-UK Operational Response To Pyrotechnics And Ordnance Incidents
EPC-UK Instructor training for the delivery of Operational Response To Pyrotechnics And Ordnance Incidents