The Institute of Explosives Engineers CSCS Card Scheme

CSCS cards for those involved in EOC Engineering or EOD related activities on construction sites are issued on behalf of CITB by the Institute of Explosives Engineers. The cards, whilst not being a legislative requirement, are a vital element of confirming that an individual has the requisite qualifications/ skills to undertake the type of role they are employed to carry out.

If you are employing an individual in either an EOC Engineer or explosives related activity on a construction site then they should be in possession of an appropriate and in date CSCS card.

About the scheme

Membership of IExpE is a requirement of being awarded an EOC Engineer CSCS card due to the due diligence and verification necessary to ensure the required minimum standards are in place, a CSCS card costs a one off payment of just £55.00. The scheme lasts for 3 years before the card hold must reapply. A new card will be issued each year to coincide with IExpE membership.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Applicants must be a member of the Institute of Explosives Engineers
  • Applicant must have relevant training/qualifications* as an EOC Engineer
  • HSQ Level 3 Certificate in search for and disposal of munitions (Q12-C3-005)
  • 0801 Bomb Disposal Operator Course
  • IEDD No1
  • IMAS Level 1
  • IMAS Level 2
  • IMAS Level 3
  • Defence EOD Operator Course
  • Other Not Listed

*The applicant’s experience will also qualify an applicant for a card, this is subject to approval by the Membership Committee in line with membership requirements and standards.

  • The applicant must have undertaken the CITB Health, Safety & Environment test within 6 months of applying for their CSCS card

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