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Ramora UK, originally founded in 2004, is a company committed to providing a safe, reliable and effective service in the removal of ordnance and other energetic materials and articles. In support of the services offered, Ramora UK co-ordinates EOD teams via a 24/7 Control Room capable of offering technical advice and deploying response teams as each situation requires. This response minimises the effect that an item of ordnance has on a site, keeping the site safe and maintaining commercial continuity.

EPC-UK is the UK’s most trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range explosives for the extractives industry, civil engineering and defence. With over 125 years of experience, EPC-UK has built a reputation for effective solutions, technological innovation and high-quality customer service.

Centre of Excellence in Energetic Materials (CoEEM) is a government-led initiative to pull together and champion essential national capability in energetic materials. Working with UK-wide organisations, CoEEM aims to rebuild critical mass in:

  • Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons (SQEP)
  • Strategic and Technical leadership
  • Research, Development, Test and Evaluation initiatives
  • Training, education and knowledge exchange opportunities

Fenix Insight’s core business is understanding and managing the consequences of explosive ordnance across the world.  We have exceptional knowledge and experience and we’re always acquiring more.   We use that knowledge to inform, advise and assist clients at every level, ranging from policy-making to intimate technical detail.

H&G Explosives Services Ltd (Hornsby & Goodwyn) specialise in the design and supply of explosives security stores, magazines, armouries and Process Buildings. These vary from small hand-held carrying boxes through to drive in stores 12 metres in length and up to 4 metres in height. With a worldwide customer base H&G are recognised the market leaders in this field.