IExpE Annual Conference 2018

The 2018 IExpE Annual Conference was held at Telford Hotel and Golf Resort on the 26th and 27th September 2018.   The 78 delegates in attendance on Day 1 were welcomed by the President, Dave Welch, and then took back to 1979 by Key Note Speaker, Dave Holley, who talked through his career and the work currently taking place within the SSSG and the Education and Training Working Group in realising the level 6 apprenticeship scheme for OME and its continuing work in drawing the other levels required to complete the escalator model.

A packed programme containing a variety of interesting presentations followed from across the sector including:

Disposal of Air Dropped Weapons

Field Storage of Ammunition on current operations

ATO Course Project: Explosive Method of Entry Equipment

Explosive Forging,

Professional Registration for you

Wagtail Explosive Detection Dogs – Providing Safety, Assurance and Security in an uncertain world

Design and manufacture of live firing black powder cannon

UK Maritime Explosives Safety and Munitions Risk Management

Regulating Explosives Safety in the MOD

Following the Closing Remarks by the President a drinks reception took place which provided an excellent opportunity for delegates to further network with both delegates and exhibitors.

Day 2 commenced with the President welcoming the 75 delegates in attendance and an announcement of a change to the published programme.

Delegates heard from a variety of presenters on the following topics:An Introduction to RemEODy

The effects of ageing on munitions

Upskilling the sector in a dynamic global environment

Terrorist Explosives: From PIRA to ISIS

How do we manage our explosive risk within the air environment and are we too risk adverse

Excellent feedback has been received relating to the variety of presenters, excellent organisation and the venue

“Excellent mix of presentations”

“A very informative set of presentations”

“Very well planned”