Training & Research


Since it’s inception the Trust has taken an active role in the running of courses in all aspects of explosives engineering. Particularly successful have been those associated with the Quarry Explosives Regulations and Code of Practice.

The Trust operates the examination process on behalf of the quarry industry through MPQC (Formally known as EPIC Training Ltd) to a standard agreed between MPPQC and the Health and Safety Executive Quarries inspectorate. Two levels of qualification can be obtained in this process. In the first stage successful candidates can obtain a certificate in Quarry Shotfiring. Following on from the first level, candidates can obtain an Explosives Supervisors Certificate by passing an additional three examination modules. These certificates complement the NVQ and the new QCF assessments that enable employers to judge competence in the blasting operations carried out in the quarrying industry.

The above qualifications can also be used in other industries as a means of assessing knowledge in explosives related matters.

Over the life of the Trust many other explosives related courses have been run, and subject to content, demand and viability other courses can be arranged through the Trust.

The Trust has supported the publication of articles on magazines and the writing and distribution of guidance papers on many explosives topics to educate and inform explosives engineers, those with a professional interest in the subject and of course the general public.

One of the most successful ventures by the Trust has been a booklet on the use of explosives and surveying which was compiled by professionals in the quarry industry and edited by the Trust and the HSE. Some 800 copies of this booklet have been sold to date.


The Trust encourages Research in the explosives industry and will provide grants to candidates who demonstrate that their research is applicable to the industry (See Grants and Awards). Research may be in the detection, safe handling and use of explosives as well as explosive fracture theory and allied subjects.


Awards are granted to those who give an outstanding contribution in their field of expertise within the training and education sector of explosives engineering. (see the Grants and Awards page)