Grants & Rewards


Grants are available for research both in the theoretical and practical sides of explosives engineering. The research must be in topics which are of use to the industry or the general public and the information obtained must be made freely available.

Libraries may be given assistance in the purchase of books concerning blasting or related topics for the use of students.

Scholarships or grants may be available for particular courses of study.

The Trust has been set up principally for the benefit of the UK explosives industry. Grants will not normally be available to commercial concerns and means testing may be applied when considering grants to individuals.

If you think you may qualify for assistance under any of the above headings then in the instance please submit an initial application to (Name/Email address)


The Trust has set up a specific award and this is described below. Those who wish to put forward an individual for this award, should contact the (Name/EMail) giving details of the individual and the reasons why they believe the person is deserving of the award.

The Bill Fowler Award

This award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to Education, Training or Research in the field of explosives and explosives engineering. The contribution must be written (thesis, book etc.) or practical (setting up running courses, establishment of training standards) or any other activity, which, in the opinion of the Trustees, has resulted in a major advancement in education, training or research in the industry. this is not an annual award but will be made on an ad hoc basis when a suitable candidate is put forward and accepted by the Trustees.

The award comprises a scroll, setting out the nature of the outstanding contribution, and the sum of £1,000.