EOD Courses Available

ATOM Training

ATOM Training delivers counter-threat courses that are informed by exceptional intelligence, designed by dedicated programme developers and delivered by some of the world’s most experienced subject matter experts. ATOM is an IExpE recognised training provider and offer fully customizable training programmes to clients worldwide, providing a progressive learning platform and courses that keep them informed, equipped and poised to successfully counter threats relevant to their particular situation.

Better Risk

Better Risk is an international consultancy, delivering quality assurance of legal frameworks in risk management and security solutions, which includes project management, monitoring, evaluation and learning activities from their UK head office and designated work sites. Better Risk is an IExpE recognised training provider.


ISSEE is a world-class leader providing explosives & security consultancy and advisory services to national and international Defence, Police and Commercial organisations. ISSEE are an IExpE endorsed training provider and delivers their services to organisations that seek accredited, reliable and trusted solutions to counter terrorism, improve security, protect infrastructure and manage explosives and ammunition safely.